Featured - Mini Crude Oil Refineries

In an ever-changing global economy businesses need to be more agile and adapt to the growing demands of consumers. Many customers won't wait years and businesses cannot afford the billions of dollars for a full-scale Oil refinery. Enter the Mini Crude Oil Refinery - a scalable, portable and proven solution for small to medium scale crude oil processing.

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Pipeline Construction

The roots of our company, pipeline construction has always been in our blood. High pressure gas is our specialty.

Facility Construction

We have overseen the construction, maintenance and ongoing operations of critical oil and gas facilities across the world.

Mini Oil Refineries

The future of small-scale oil refining for our developing world. No longer are we constrained to building large-scale refineries for small-scale demand.

Accommodation Camps

Worker accommodation is paramount to the success of any large scale project. We project manage the construction and operations of camps.

Mining and Port Construction

Our expertise and experience has seen us behind the development and maintenance of some of Australia's busiest ports.

Generators and Mobile Power

We are agents for mini mobile power plants, mobile and stationary generators and power generators from waste incineration. We have a solution for most power needs.