Mini Crude Oil Refineries

Proven technology coupled with class-leading engineering, fabrication sees the Mini Oil Refinery deliver every day and our turn-key design, minimal assembly onsite is required compared to other solutions.

Our Petrolium Mini Oil Refineries focus on the highest yield for the following petrolium products: Diesel, Kerosene, Fuel Oil and Gasoline.

We will not engage in any project to install our Mini Oil Refineries without first conducting feasibility studies and project planning to determine project suitability. Each project is different as each customer's needs are unique, requiring suitable equipment and personnel to ensure a successful outcome for all parties involved.

Our range of Mini Oil Refineries range include 4000 BPD units, designed to operate in extreme temperatures; between -50 degrees celcius in the winter and +40 degrees celcius in the summer.

We are also agents for smaller, more cost effective 150 BPD units that can be used as supplements to larger projects. The unique and specialised units have been thoroughly field tested and proven to deliver in countless projects.

Accommodation Camps

Worker accommodation is paramount to the success of any large scale project. We project manage the construction and operations of camps.

Pipeline Construction

The roots of our company, pipeline construction has always been in our blood. High pressure gas is our specialty.

Facility Construction

We have overseen the construction, maintenance and ongoing operations of critical oil and gas facilities across the world.