Pipelines, Custom Work & Contracts

Our pipelines experience spans large-scale high-pressure gas pipelines, spanning 1000's of KMs to small-scale, joints and fittings fabrication.

High Pressure Gas Pipelines

The very roots of our businesss; high pressure gas projects have been in our blood since the beginning. Our experience spans the jungles of Papua New Guinea, under the busy streets of Singapore city, the harsh outbacks of Western Australia, Western Queensland and Northern Territory, Malaysia, Western Europe and Indonesia.






High Pressure Gas Fittings and Maintenance

Since we are based out of Brisbane, Australia, most of our high pressure gas labour contracts now centre around custom fittings works, oil refinery overhauls and ad-hoc maintenance and refits. We have been involved with some of the more recent Lytton Caltex Oil Refinery upgrading and shutdowns and many custom pipeworks and fittings for our customers in Newcastle, NSW.

Accommodation Camps

Worker accommodation is paramount to the success of any large scale project. We project manage the construction and operations of camps.

Facility Construction

We have overseen the construction, maintenance and ongoing operations of critical oil and gas facilities across the world.

Mini Oil Refineries

The future of small-scale oil refining for our developing world. No longer are we constrained to building large-scale refineries for small-scale demand.